Writing a Great Philosophy Personal Statement

philosophy personal statement sampleThe Philosophy programs offered today are abundant that you have your choice of the pick when it comes to the university you want to attend to. But this would, of course, demand an awesome philosophy personal statement that can boost your standing among all other applicants.

Philosophy is becoming more and more popular to students and this is evident in the rise of the number of applicants year after year all around the world. But this also means that entering a university in this program is also getting more difficult. Do your research and prepare for your PPE essay.

Top 10 Most Popular Universities Offering Philosophy Graduate Programs in UK

Universities have different programs they offer their students and their curriculum would be dependent on how thorough and focused they are on their offers. This is why writing your philosophy college application essay will demand finding out as much as you can about the school offering it.

And when it comes to the Philosophy programs, the following are the top 10 universities in UK to offer the graduate program, including their respective official sites, where you can check out their requirements and specific admission processes:

  1. University of Birmingham
  2. University of Sussex
  3. King’s College London
  4. Lancaster University
  5. Oxford University
  6. Durham University
  7. Exeter University
  8. London School of Economics
  9. University College of London
  10. University of Warwick

These top universities may have stricter admission process and selection, which is why you should also be strict in writing your personal statement for philosophy if you want to enter to one of these.

Top 10 Most Popular Universities Offering Philosophy PhD Programs in UK

Here are the top 10 universities that offer excellent PhD programs in UK for Philosophy. Some of these universities are also included in the top 10 for graduate program. You can check out the schools and the requirements for the PhD programs by visiting their respective sites:

  1. Oxford University
  2. University of St. Andrews
  3. Cambridge University
  4. London School of Economics
  5. University of Warwick
  6. Exeter University
  7. Durham University
  8. University College London
  9. University of Birmingham
  10. King’s College London

These universities can help you understand metaphysics and how to solve the fundamental problems posed by different philosophical theories.

Common Application Requirements to Take Note Of

Some of the common application requirements in the Philosophy programs of different universities, besides the usual personal statement for PhD philosophy, include:

  • Passing rate for entrance examination;
  • A-level entry (equivalent qualifications);
  • Excellent high school results;
  • High Math Aptitude.

More specific requirements and qualifications are offered on the university’s site.

practical tips in writing personal statement philosophyApplication and Admission in Philosophy Programs in Oxford and Cambridge

Oxford University and Cambridge University are two of the best universities recognized as elite in the academic world. These two universities also offer excellent Philosophy programs that you can benefit from if you are able to be selected in the process. They are able to make students understand the basic eastern vs western approaches, as well as how they will be able to contribute to society once they graduate in the program.

For Oxford University, follow the following steps:

  • Apply online and fill out the University of Oxford graduate application form found in the school site;
  • Pay £75 for application fee (fee is non-refundable);
  • Upload supporting documents.

There will be additional steps you have to follow if you want to process multiple applications for sub-departments and also for applications for centers for doctoral training and courses.

For Cambridge University, you would have to follow the university’s specific process online.

Before doing that though, make sure to research the following:

  • Prospective course;
  • Specific requirements of the course;
  • Deadline;
  • Course costs in the course directory.

After this process, you simply need to visit the university site and make use of its Applicant Portal. Just follow the guidelines step by step.

personal statement for philosophy
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Practical Tips in Writing Your Personal Statement on Philosophy

After doing a proper research on the program and the schools, the next task you have to accomplish is to decide whether you’d write the personal statement yourself or you’d go for services offering philosophy personal statement help. Weigh the pros and cons, as well as your ability to accomplish them on time.

Whether you are writing philosophy personal statement Cambridge or personal statement PPE Oxford, these simple tips can help you write your Philosophy personal statement:

  • Explain the course you are going to study and why you should have the spot for the program;
  • Be specific about why you want the course;
  • Discuss experiences outside the classroom that can help your case;
  • Make sure to be yourself and show your personality in writing.

Are you having a hard time writing your philosophy personal statement? Let us help you and call us today!