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ppe oxford personal statement sampleDoing a personal statement for the PPE Department of the Oxford University would require the quality you can get from a top-notch writing service. In order to create a suitable personal statement PPE Oxford, the first thing you need to know is to learn as much as you can about the university and the program you are supposed to enter into. Also, you can make your first step to find out how to write an economics personal statement perfectly! This is an excellent way in order to show that you have researched the school and program, and have taken the time to think about your admission before making the decision.

Basic Details to Know about the PPE Oxford

You can start researching by learning about the basic details of the university before writing your PPE Oxford personal statement. PPE or the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics department of Oxford University is able to support students with a general understanding about the world, as well as in the development of their needed skills in order to push towards success in their activities and careers.

The skills developed by students under the programs are:


  • Analytical rigor;
  • Ability to criticize and reason logically;
  • Question knowledge acquisition;
  • Make ethical judgments.


  • Thorough understanding of political impacts on society;
  • Political systems choices evaluation;
  • Political systems processes and changes;
  • Political analysis of values and concepts.


  • Consumers, governments, and firms decision-making processes;
  • Economic appreciation;
  • Governmental policy-making in connection to economics;
  • Business conduction and economic transformations.

One of the PPE Oxford entry requirements is choosing a program from these three branches of the PPE department.

writing personal statement ppe oxfordTo help you decide, here are the major programs under these branches:


  • General Philosophy
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Logic


  • Theory of Politics
  • Practice of Politics
  • Political Analysis


  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics

The core courses included in the programs and departments are:

Philosophy: Ethics plus one of –

  • Early Modern Philosophy;
  • Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics;
  • Plato: Republic;
  • Knowledge and reality.

Politics: Any two of –

  • Comparative Government;
  • Political Sociology;
  • British Politics and Government since 1900;
  • International Relations;
  • Theory of Politics.

Economics: Two or three of –

  • Microeconomics;
  • Macroeconomics;
  • Quantitative economics.

Major Statistics on Oxford Admission You Should Know about

Entering the Oxford University is not as easy as passing the Oxford university admission requirements. In fact, with the university’s 3,200 sports for undergraduate programs and about 5,400 graduate spots annually, more than 19,000 for undergraduates and 26,000 for graduates actually try their luck to get in. There have been 38% increase in applicants since from 2015 to 2016.

Other notable statistics you can take note of include:
Total number of applicants (2015-2016): 24, 645

  • UK citizens: 6, 288
  • Non-UK citizens: 4, 725
  • Non-EU citizens: 13, 632 (international students)

Graduate research degrees: 8, 602

Graduate taught degrees: 16, 043

Total number of acceptances (2015-2016): 5, 312

  • UK citizens: 1, 936
  • Non-UK citizens: 1, 149
  • Non-EU citizens: 2, 227 (international students)

With how meticulous Oxford screens their students, you should also be more thorough in writing your personal statement. What you can do preparation is to read as much personal statement examples Oxford as you can for reference.

Application Process and Requirements for PPE Oxford

The basic process to follow besides making sure you have all the Oxford University PPE entry requirements is to start with the admission test. Applicants must first take TSA or Thinking Skills Assessment. It is the responsibility of the applicant to register for the test and this must be accomplished before October 15, which is the registration deadline every year. Registration is made possible through the Oxford website.

Besides TSA testing, you should also register and accomplish online registration at UCAS website way before the October deadline for the testing. After the registration and testing, the admissions committee will decide which applicants will qualify for the interview. Interviews are conducted December every year. After the interview, you will be informed about the status of your application right after.

Of course, part of the requirements that will be demanded from applicants is the personal statement Oxford PPE. This is included in being required to be A-levels, advance higher, and IB.

One of the exclusive subjects in philosophy politics and economics Oxford requirements is the sufficient aptitude for mathematics (At least AS-level, IB Standard Level, or equivalent), which could help in:

  • Economics component;
  • Logic course in Philosophy;
  • Understanding data and theories in Politics.
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How You Can Excellently Write Personal Statement PPE Oxford

Writing a successful economics personal statement for Oxford would demand you to be more meticulous in your writing. Make sure to research on the Oxford personal statement format and follow it to the dot. And the rest would depend on how you will sell yourself as an appealing product to the university.

Oxford University is an excellent institution, especially with its research collaborations and tutorial teaching. But it would also mean that you have to do really good in your personal statement as if it’s written by a professional UCAS personal statement writer.

To make this possible, follow these dos and don’ts:


  • Show how much you want to study the program you are applying to;
  • Tell the truth about your interests and preferences;
  • Reveal your personality in writing;
  • Sell yourself as much as you can without sounding haughty and arrogant;
  • Include details about Oxford that you like in order to show the extent of yours.


  • Never makeup anything and include lies;
  • Never copy other people’s personal statement;
  • Don’t list down items that can be evaluated on your documents like your grades.

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